You know what Boo Boo? It’s not hard to be smarter than the average bear when applying for a job. Nine out of ten, or perhaps more, of the CVs that come across my desk are poorly constructed and put the applicant at a disadvantage during the initial assessment. The truth is that if you […]

It’s available on for Kindle and lots of other e-book readers, titled “Moving to Qatar – A Rough Guide” and designed to provide some assistance to Westerners who plan to relocate to Qatar for a while. Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to make it available in the Middle East so if you want […]

When applying for a role in a tax-free country like Qatar (or any of the Gulf countries), my experience is that many people find it challenging to compare their taxable pay-rate at home with that they are likely to receive overseas. To try to assist with this I have compiled the following information. By way […]

Seeking: Healthcare professionals. nurses, doctors, laboratory scientists, pharmacists, clinical consultants, health informatics professionals. Have you completed a bachelor’s degree in one of the health sciences? Do you have at least three years of experience in clinical practice? Have you helped your colleagues to use clinical information systems? Can you use Microsoft Office? Do you speak […]

17th Sep 2012 For much of my career in public healthcare I have heard the mantra that “the patient should be at the centre of our work”. This desire for a patient-centric approach to everything we do makes complete sense. As healthcare professionals, or allied healthcare professionals, all of us should have three key goals: […]

13th Sep 2012 Yesterday I attended a trade event called EMC Forum 2012 – Transform IT, Business and Yourself.  The venue was the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Doha and the event was hosted by EMC2. Apart from the unfortunate decision to allow people to smoke in the exhibition area (this is 2012, not 1912, guys) […]

One of my worst fears is that someone near and dear to me might become critically ill and choose, through ignorance or misinformation, to shun conventional medicine in favor of therapies or treatments that are not founded on a sound evidence-base. Not all “conventional” or “western” medicine is evidence-based. It is also likely that effective […]


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