Same Challenges, Different Hospital – Another Healthcare Transformation

7th Dec 2010

Thought it was high time I updated you on where the NHS has managed to get to over the past year or so.

Well the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) implementation at Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust went “live” with, arguably, no more or no less issues than other Trusts have experienced.Throughout the event UPMC provided as much support as they could, and given that they really didn’t understand that, in the NHS, targets can be perceived to be more important than people, they deserve credit. The software supplier on the other hand were like that little Jack Russell dog in the cartoon, bouncing around his friend Ralph and saying “can I help? Can I help?” long after the opportunity had passed and the system had been poorly built through lack of knowledge and guidance.

I have to say nothing has changed in the current implementation I’m working on. The software supplier, a mob of childish, inexperienced jackals, looking for every loose buck and more concerned with quantity than quality. It really is a case of “caveat emptor”, you just have to be extremely diligent when choosing a supplier.

I guess my key observation would be, with so many implementations of EPRs behind them why do NHS trusts continue not to employ people within their projects who have done it before? Why do they continue to set unrealistic timeframe expecations for their boards? And why do they start life threatening patient record projects on rickety, dangerous, IT infrastructures?


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