Innovation and Change in Healthcare

I read a fascinating short article today about Microsoft:

The concerns that the various pundits have about Microsoft’s future as a result of its lost ability to innovate are valid. The mistaken belief that control, authority, and structure are the answer to running an effective organization is at the root of this issue and is not atypical of various healthcare organizations that I have come to know.

This is an age of increasingly rapid change, when success is dependent upon one’s ability  to exploit information and information technology.

It is critical that all information-age organizations; and particularly those delivering healthcare; develop their ability to innovate, to learn, and to change their behavior in line with the knowledge they gain from information.

This culture of innovation and change is not a natural bedfellow with tight structures, command and control, and authoritarian administration regimes. Today, more than ever before, there is a crying need for management leadership. Leadership with the vision, enthusiasm and passion for improving the quality of healthcare, the quality of the patient experience, and the effectiveness of clinicians in our hospitals and healthcare provider organizations.

Pencil-pushing, pedantic, belabored, administration in our hospitals and healthcare providers; coupled with monolithic management structures; slow-moving mega-projects; and restrictive, 19th century, work environments must become a thing of the past.


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